Friday, 4 August 2017


Security cameras offer a range of features from basic to complicate. Before installing a new security camera or upgrading the existing models, consider the following key features. 

1.    Is the camera wireless?
2.    Is a lot of cabling required to install the camera?
3.    Does it provide good quality footage?
4.    Does the security camera have motion detection capabilities?
5.    What is the camera’s field of view (the width of the area the camera covers)?
6.    What is the camera’s image resolution?
7.    Does the camera have night vision?
8.    Can the camera be accessed via the Web?
9.    Is the camera weatherproof and dustproof?
10.  Will a professional have to install the camera, or is it DIY?

These 10 features are certainly not the only things to consider when it comes to security cameras, but they provide a solid foundation to get started.

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