Monday, 31 July 2017


Door alarms are a crucial part of any security system. Some of the most important points of entry to your home or shop which you need to protect are your front door and back door. Whether you want to be notified of arriving customers, couriers, visitors or intruders, door alarms on your entries and exits are always the best. They are the first lines of defense or awareness for homeowners and shop keepers.

 A wide variety of door alarms are available in market. However the type and number of door alarms to be installed is completely your choice. Most of the people install one or two alarms on the front and back door of their house or shops.

First and the foremost thing to consider while selecting the right door alarms for your home is the purpose you want the alarm to serve. For example, if you just want to keep your children from sneaking out, you could install a simple magnetic strip alarm that alerts you if the magnetic strip loses contact. However, if you want an alarm to protect your home or shop while you are away, you need an elaborate system. 

Some of the main types of door alarms are:

Notification alarms ring or beep when someone enters. These sensors are usually used for businesses to let the receptionist know someone has entered the premises. This type of alarm just helps to keep track of who enters and leaves your home/shop.

Magnetic strip alarms are the basic door alarms that work by creating contact among two magnets on doors and windows. When an intruder attempts to enter your home or shop, he breaks this magnetic contact, causing the door alarm to emit a loud, sharp sound. These alarms are easy-to-install alarm that can let you know when someone enters or leaves your home. However, these alarms are not always reliable.

These alarms are the most complex and highly recommended door alarms. They typically include door sensors that alert a monitoring station who in turn alerts you, that an unlawful entry has occurred. These types of home security systems support cameras, audio monitoring, and recording capabilities.

Although there are many different door alarms to select from, the best option for you finally depends on your budget and the level of security you want. For more information on how a door alarm can prevent potential burglars, consult a home security company.

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