Wednesday, 2 August 2017


The happiness of being able to stay at home yet feel safe, secure and comfortable is endless. A medical alert system helps elderly people to maintain an independent lifestyle. It sends signals to the monitoring station and official authority at the time of medical emergency.

These medical alert systems are also useful in non-emergency circumstances where the user does not need an ambulance but does need someone to come to their aid. In this case, the professionals at the monitoring station sends alert to preselected relative or friend who can come over and assist at the earliest.

Some features of the medical alert system are:

•    It works for a user's specific disability. For example, a stroke survivor may need a device he or she can activate with one hand.
•    It can be worn on a wrist as a wristband or in neck as a pendant.
•    It has a help button that the person wearing pendant can press at the time of emergency.
•    It provides multiple choices for whom to contact in need – a friend or a relative
•     It has a good battery backup in case of a power failure.
•    The monitoring station can be contacted from anywhere in the premises.

Safeguard India Home Pvt. Ltd. is an alarm company that deals in ‘Home Security Products & Monitoring Services’. Safeguard India is the only company in India to offer a state-of-the-art security and alarm systems. Our unique products not only secure the entry/critical points of the house/business establishment but also protect them against theft, fire and medical emergency.

SGI Medical Pendant is a portable device for medical emergency initiation with “Heartbeat” LED that blinks every minute to assure user. It transmits stronger, wider & reliable RF signals to CMS in case of emergency. It comes with comfortable, elastic band and neck pendant.

With Safeguard India’s medical pendant, your family and loved ones are rest assured that we are there to help you at the time of emergency.

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